Date                  25 Yard                   50 Yard                    100 Yard

January 09th            Fun target TG2419        Bottle target                      100 yard Military target

January 23rd            Informal Shooting

February 6th            Crow                                Standing chuck                 Single bull Buffalo

                                Pistol                               Pistol

February 20th          Informal Shooting          

March 13th              Special Chunk-Gun Match*                    No prizes, just for bragging rights!

                                                              For those not shooting Chunk

                                 Fleur de Lac Animal        Bottle target                      100 yd. Military

March 27th              Informal Shooting

April 10th                X-Stick, Squirrel              X-Stick, Deer                    X-Stick, Double Buffalo

                                Pistol                                Pistol

April 24th

                                Spring Workday, Cookout and Open Woods Walk range** Rescheduled***

May 8th                   Smooth-bore Match (15 shots)-bragging rights only!

                                8-Ring bull #YD-1          Double Buffalo & 7-Ring bull

May 22rd                Spring Workday, Cookout and Open Woods Walk range***

June 11th                 Silhouette Match Workday**

June 12th                 Summer Silhouette Match (Meat Prizes, $10 entry)

June 26th                 Informal Shooting

July 10th                       Family Fun                  Nightmare                         5 Bull Buffalo

July 24th                  Informal Shooting

August 14th             X-Stick, Mini Buffalo     X-Stick, Double Buffalo  X-Stick, Big Buffalo #100

                                Pistol                                Pistol

August 28th             Informal Shooting

September 11th      8-ring 6-bull                7-ring 6-bull                      7-ring bull

September 25th        Informal Shooting

October ? TBD         Fall Primitive Workday**   Up For Discussion

October 8,9,10        Fall Primitive Weekend with camping, Seneca run, woods walk, novelty targets, hawk and knife throw, fire starting and more.

October 23rd           Informal Shooting

November 12th       Workday for Fall Silhouette**

November 13th       Fall Silhouette-Turkey Shoot (Meat Prizes, $10.00 entry)

                                Bag your Thanksgiving dinner!

November 27th       Informal Shooting

December 11th        Chunk Gun Match*      No prizes, just for bragging rights-maybe!

December 25h         Christmas Day

*This event requires that the 100 yd. and possibly a portion of the 50 yd. range will be closed for casual shooting.  However, the 25-yard range will be open.  Please note that any primitive rifle with a patched round ball can be used in this event.  Special equipment is not necessary.

**Indicated workdays are weather dependent and will be scheduled accordingly.

Rain Dates for competitive shoots are the Saturday immediately following the rained out event Membership dues are currently $45 per year with no range fee for normal monthly events.  However the Silhouette and Fall Primitive matches have separate fees for all participants.