Thanks to all the members and guests that came out to shoot the Fall Silhouette-Turkey shoot this past Saturday. Weather was nice and the competition was hot! A few non-competitors also shot with us so we had a good crowd at the range. Below are the final results of the competition, 36 shots were required for this shoot.

David Abernathy, 1st place score of 29. Took home the Turkey! Longest String on the squirrels (9) and chucks (7)

Gary Tolbert, 2nd place score of 24. New member!

John Mouzon, 3rd place score of 24.

Henry Battistoni, 4th place score of 22.

Robert Rolfe, 5th place score of 21. Longest string on Buffalo (7)

Rex Allison, 6h place score of 17.

Richard Allen, 7th place score of 15.

Kelly Pittman, 8th place score of 13.

Butch Hyams, 9th place score of 12.

Scotty Davis, 10th place score of 10. 

Nick Ferguson, 11th place score of 5 and the proud recipient of this year’s can of beans (and some good Brasstown ground beef)

Fall Silhouette-Turkey Shoot November 14th 2020 Results

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