The French Broad Rifles

Traditional Muzzleloading Club

Newsletter for January-February 2018

Welcome to the new year and another fine schedule of shooting events and camaraderie!

We’ve been lucky to shoot a few days this winter despite some bitterly cold Minnesota style stuff (Ahh! Sweet memories of my younger years). The Club is in good financial standing . Many members have really been on the ball this year and have sent their dues in as well as joined up for the NMLRA. If you have missed the emails (rely on US Postal Service) then you may not know that if you join or renew your NMLRA membership through the club, $5 of the $40 dues goes back to the club. Win-win, you get a great magazine, contribute to the club and support the Muzzleloading shooting sports in America. They have really upgraded the magazine this past year, it has the look and feel of a real magazine now.


For Those that did not attend the fall Primitive, we had a great time and the weather was very cooperative this year. We did not save a record of the scores, but I managed to take a picture of the score board and glean some results from it. We had 19 registered shooters. Wood’s Walk 1st place David Abernathy, 2nd Hank Jr. (Battistoni), 3rd John Mouzon and 4th Kelly Pittman. Seneca Run 1st place John Mouzon, 2nd Morris Burleson (It was good to see you out Morris!), 3rd David Abernathy and 4th Hank Jr. Mountain man was Morris Burleson, Robert Rolfe a close 2nd and Dan Pressley in 3rd. Since there is only one Mountain man I guess the other two are muleskinners.

Theoretically this is the time of year to elect new officers, if you have any desire to become an officer of the club, please notify me and we will have an election in the coming months. We are needing a person or persons willing to take over Larry’s Field Marshall appointment. Please seriously consider where you may be of service to help organize work parties and shooting events and step up to the plate.

Remember in the coming wet months to be prepared for mud on the entrance to the range. If you don’t have 4-wheel drive try to hook up with someone who does or wait out by the white farmhouse till someone comes in.

Looking Forward to another successful year, see you at the range.

Robert Rolfe, Secretary FBR

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