The French Broad Rifles

Traditional Muzzleloading Club

Newsletter for January-February 2017

Greetings fellow muzzleloading enthusiasts! Been a slow but mild winter, allowing for more shooting than past winters. Good to see some new faces as our membership continues to grow And recover from attrition during the past few years. Old timers look out for new, unfamiliar faces and reach your hands out in welcome, get to know the new folks.


Leadership has approved a plan to upgrade and rebuild the target stands, cost should be minimal and we believe the new design will allow for greater ease of use as well as greater capacity. Watch for upcoming announcements for a workday to perform this task. There are currently work days scheduled for April 21st & 22nd.

Since it has been a warm winter with decent precipitation, keep in mind the approach to the range may become very muddy and difficult to access. Four wheel drive is highly recommended. As you drive in, try to take care not to cause excess rutting. You may want to car pool with a member that has 4WD. I am attaching the current member list for your convenience.

The next scheduled shoot is this coming Saturday Feb. 11, featuring Crow at 25 yd. Standing Chuck at 50 and Buffalo at 100. Bring your pistol too and compete in the pistol match! Get prepared for a Chunk gun match coming up on March 11th and cross stick match on April 8th.

Lance Butler of Lafayette Longrifles is in the process of creating/updating the NC State muzzleloading website to include better info on the State’s clubs including shooting schedules. I will forward that information as it comes to fruition. This should provide better coordination amongst the regions various clubs as well as facilitating inter-club activities.

Looking forward to another great year of shooting and comaraderie, see you at the range!

Robert A. Rolfe, Secretary FBR

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